Maintain Don't Gain Challenge Week 2

Maintain, Don’t Gain: Week 2

How was fitness week? I’ll say, the thought of embarrassing myself by NOT completing the challenge kept me on track (at least in terms of exercise). 3 fitness classes, 2 walks around the lake (~3 miles) and a 3.2 mile run this week. HOWEVER, I kind of ate my face off for no good reason. […]

Work out during the holidays

Maintain, Don’t Gain: Week 1

Hopefully you’ve recuperated from too much stuffing, daily turkey/cranberry sandwiches, and Black Friday shopping. Time to think about your health for a moment. The challenge this week: be sure to get five 30-minute sessions of sustained activity. This can be walking, running (inside or outside), dancing, heavy-duty house work, snow shoveling, anything that gets your […]

Maintain Don't Gain pdf

Maintain, Don’t Gain Holiday Challenge 2013

I’m noticing a bunch of traffic to last year’s challenge, which mean’s it’s that time again! Yes, it’s the Maintain, Don’t Gain Holiday Challenge, 2013 Edition! Beginning December 2nd, I’m giving you weekly challenges to conquer the holiday temptations and to maintain your health and weight through the season. Final weigh-in is on JANUARY 6, […]

Committed garden stairs

Flame Weeding: Organic Weed Killing for Badasses

The ongoing saga of our yard is this: it’s big, it’s overgrown, and it’s overwhelming. We paid mucho dinero to have the yard weeded and trimmed back, and true to form, six weeks later, that work was completely undone. It’s not that the area is that large, it’s just a lot of varied spaces, a […]

My Milkshake Brings all the Boys to the Yard

“Just get the perfect blend Plus what you have within Then next his eyes will squint…” Read more:┬áKelis – Milkshake Lyrics | MetroLyrics If those boys were interested in healthy living, and liked chocolate, they’d totally come to my yard for these smoothies. I saw a Dr. Oz once where he added avocado to his […]

Maintain, Don’t Gain Holiday Challenge 2012

In case you haven’t noticed, the holidays are HERE. So are the cookies, candy, cheeses, gingerbread lattes, overflowing buffets, and festive cocktails. I struggle with overindulgence during the holidays and have found it necessary to set boundaries and rules for myself to stay healthy. You may have heard that the average American gains 4-12 pounds […]