Maintain, Don't Gain Challenge #5

Maintain, Don’t Gain: Week 5—Happy New Year!

A little late on this week’s post, but hopefully y’all are already playing along. I’m guessing the lazing around, stuffing your faces with leftovers, and running around doing all your return shopping has left you as puffy and dehydrated as me! Let me tell you, last week I was a beached whale, full of extra […]

Hang back from alcohol this week.

Maintain, Don’t Gain: Week 4

How was indulgence week? I NAILED IT…not. You guys, I couldn’t make it 3 whole days without sugar. I might have overstepped by restricting bread, pretzels, basically all baked goods and sweet sauces. It was misery. And I went overboard and ate candy corn. It felt terrible, not only because of the sugar and insulin […]

I can stop procrastinating tomorrow

Hi, I’m Jen. I’m a Projectaholic.

I was trying to think of new names for my stuff…you know, the social media stuff. Committedgifts is indeed a terrible name, but the only one I could come up with that contained my business name, Committed, and no ridiculous Committed makes a lot of sense for who I am and what I do, […]

Maintain, Don’t Gain: Week 3

How was fruit and veggie week? In the spirit of keepin’ it real, I did it, but not as successfully as I’d hoped. I did manage to get all my servings, but I also went above and beyond when it came to eating junk. I’m not even talking about the candy at this year’s gingerbread […]

Maintain Don't Gain Challenge Week 2

Maintain, Don’t Gain: Week 2

How was fitness week? I’ll say, the thought of embarrassing myself by NOT completing the challenge kept me on track (at least in terms of exercise). 3 fitness classes, 2 walks around the lake (~3 miles) and a 3.2 mile run this week. HOWEVER, I kind of ate my face off for no good reason. […]

Work out during the holidays

Maintain, Don’t Gain: Week 1

Hopefully you’ve recuperated from too much stuffing, daily turkey/cranberry sandwiches, and Black Friday shopping. Time to think about your health for a moment. The challenge this week: be sure to get five 30-minute sessions of sustained activity. This can be walking, running (inside or outside), dancing, heavy-duty house work, snow shoveling, anything that gets your […]