Fruit Stand. Sit. Stay.

On our way back to Seattle from Yakima, we stopped at one of the many fruit stands dotting the Highway 82 landscape.

This one boasted “Fruit Antiques”. Well, probably Fruit AND Antiques, but I don’t think the sign painter had the room. Anyway, it was a good stopping point, so we headed in. They did not disappoint. The fruit was fresh, the antiques old, and the wines local. I snapped a few pics around the lot. Enjoy!

Committed Fruit
Pears, peaches, and apples are in season!
Committed Fiestaware
The entire colorful collection of Fiestaware caught my eye. BTW, the pitcher I almost bought for $40 is available on Amazon for $32.
Committed Book Spine
Beauty in a book spine.
Committed Fruit Stand
Across the road was what I imagine to be the original fruit stand. It’s now clearly used for target practice.

How did you spend your Labor Day Weekend?

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