Hi, mama!

I’m one of you. One of the undershowered, sleep-deprived, undereye bag-wearing ladies. But guess what? I want to help you WIN at parenting. Motherhood is intense, but we can tackle it together.

In 2011, when my first daughter was born, she was voracious. I mean, this kid wanted to eat all night long. And NOT lying down, mind you. So I was getting up every 2 hours to feed…and losing my mind! My hubby, a project manager by day, decided he could project manage our baby. Which worked for him. But not for me. I was too bleary-eyed to read his chicken scratch spreadsheets in our dimly-lit room. I was too tired to use my mouth muscles to properly communicate with him. I felt like a deflated, leaky, sleepy, swollen, mumbling mushpot.

That pity party had the WORST favors, so I left it and got to work! I figured out a way to gather exactly the information I needed to know each time our little peanut woke up: When did she eat last? Which side did she nurse? And I needed to write it BIG. And it couldn’t be on a slip of paper that would get lost. On top of that, I wanted so desperately to ask for help! Postpartum is no joke, no matter how well you took care of yourself during your pregnancy! I was awash in hormones, bathing in insecurities about my mothering skills AND my changing physique. So I wanted to hear I was still pretty. That I was doing a good job. That a cup of coffee might appear in the morning.

The Dry Erase Newborn Feeding Tracker was born.

And when my second baby came along, everything we knew about soothing a baby went out the window. I used the tracker to note the number of wake-ups in a night (just because I wouldn’t believe it in the morning…our record? 10. Then I ran out of space and energy!). I noted my medications after the c-section. And I still asked for help.

Now with two kiddos under our wings, we face new challenges: bedtime routines, pumping breastmilk, managing both of their needs, as well as our own. This parenting thing is remarkable, but I say we are WINNING. And you can too. Just visit the shop and pick up a few things for yourself or a mama friend.

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Jen Vickers is a graphic designer with a background in mechanical engineering. She is all about solving problems in the prettiest and funniest way possible. She lives with her 2 daughters and husband in their remodeled 109 year-old house in sunny Seattle, Washington.