Hot Pattern-A-Day: Pattern #9 & #10

Before launching into the next couple of patterns, I feel I should explain the Pattern-A-Day project a little bit.

You may look at the collection and say “These aren’t really patterns, Smarty.” And I’ll say, “You’re right. They are tiles for a seamless repeat pattern.” While the image itself may or may not be a pattern, when repeated, they should do so seamlessly.

Crappy technical tip: So if you want to see this at work, right-click on the image, click “Save As.” Then you can go to your System Preferences, choose “Change Desktop Background”, and select the image. Depending on your system, there are options such as “Fill Screen,” “Stretch to Screen,” or “Tile.” Select “Tile” and there you have it. See the image of my lovely desktop below:

Committed Pattern Desktop

Anyway, onto some new patterns (yes, I’m sticking with the misnomer for consistency!)

Pattern #9: Rec Room

So I didn’t grow up with a Rec Room, but I read many books of teens who had them in their basements. I didn’t even have a basement, or stairs, so the whole idea intrigued me. I always pictured Rec Rooms with some crazy wallpaper and shag carpet. And maybe a handmade mahogany bar stocked with Seagrams 7 and Wild Turkey. If that mental picture was at all accurate, I’d bet the wallpaper was something like the following.

All I ask is you provide a link back to my blog to let folks know where you got it.

Committed Pattern 9: Rec Room
Feel free to use this pattern as a background. Link back to


Pattern #10: Hello, Dahlia!

It’s dahlia season, and Volunteer Park in Seattle has a beautiful collection of these structural, unique flowers. I snapped pics today and collaged them. I love the screenprinted effect (without getting my hands dirty). This would make an excellent desktop wallpaper, Twitter background, or blog background. Take a deep whiff and enjoy!

Committed Pattern 10: Hello, Dahlia!
Feel free to use this pattern as a background. Link back to


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