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An Even Bonnier Voyage

Let’s face it. Flying sucks. Unless you’re going private or first class. In which case, I’m sure it’s all foot massages and carrying on as much liquid as you desire.

Anyway, I have to say that on my most recent flight from Seattle to San Francisco I noticed a few new airport conveniences.

1) Power-hungry Virgin America gate in SeaTac:

Outlets in the bench! Brilliant!

I remember the early 00’s when I used to squat on the floor next to an outlet, usually next to a trash can, and often under the curious looks of landline-using passengers. It was embarrassing, but necessary. In recent years, it’s become a Charge to the Chargers Battle Royale. Power-hungry smartphone, tablet, and laptop users vie for precious outlets. Bodies sprawl on the floor like some post-apocalyptic movie scene, all in the hope of maintaining full charge during the inevitable airline delays.

But I digress. Thanks to Virgin America, charging has dignity and distinction. Just plug in at your seat and save the passenger-on-passenger aggression for overhead bin space.

2) Be kind, unwind

Enjoy your Nama-stay in SFO

3) SFO Cribz
I’m sure there aren’t actual cribs and nannies in this nursery, but the fact they have this and not just a family restroom is pretty impressive.


Rocking chairs, express manicures, wine bars…what else have you noticed lately that improved your airport experience?