So Right, and Yet, Sarong. (A Packing Light Tip)


I recently went to Hawaii with my husband, daughter, in-laws and my sister. My sister is an awesome gal and has spent the last several years traveling the world. She basically lives out of a backpack, which is really impressive! Needless to say, she’s picked up some habits along the way that make this lifestyle easier.

I find that we’re so encumbered by STUFF that sometimes going places is more stressful than necessary. Our carry-ons alone were borderline ridiculous, but I felt that we needed to be prepared to feed and entertain and clothe our toddler in case we were delayed or luggage was lost. (This brings me to a tangent discussion of the horrid nature of airlines, but that will have to wait for another post).

Anyway, the thing I learned from my lean-travel sister: bring a sarong, and you can cut back on at least 25% of your bulk.

Sarongs air dry 100,000x faster than towels. It’s science. ©2008, Committed LLC.

Here’s how:

  • A sarong makes a great bath or beach towel: it dries quickly and dries you quickly (ever packed 3-4 beach towels for a family?)
  • It can take the place of several items of clothing: skirt, dress, top.

The towel thing was the biggest revelation to me, but I like the options of wearing it a different way over several days.

What other light-packing tips do you have to share?

4 thoughts on “So Right, and Yet, Sarong. (A Packing Light Tip)

  1. * reduce the number of clothes items by washing on the road and reseating items
    * Coordinate your clothes into a capsule wardrobe for more outfits
    * use solid toiletries to reduce bulk and weight
    * decant liquids
    * if using electronics go for USB devices- they almost all use a micro USB charger
    * layer for warmth instead of bringing heavy clothing

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