Printables for Parenthood.

Track baby's last feeding and mom's postpartum needs with a Dry Erase Newborn Feeding Tracker.
  • Black frame dry erase newborn feeding tracker for new moms. Track baby's last feeding and mom's postpartum needs.
  • Fill in which side you fed baby, when the last feeding started, and what you need from your partner.
  • Give as a baby shower gift to new moms for postpartum care. Fill in time of last feeding, side, and your needs.
  • Track baby's last feeding and mom's postpartum needs with a Dry Erase Newborn Feeding Tracker.
  • DIY Dry Erase board for new moms
Dry Erase Newborn Feeding Tracker Printable | Baby Shower Gift | Breastfeeding Moms - is currently on backorder. You may still purchase now though and we'll ship as soon as more become available.

Give the baby shower gift that new moms are raving about! With your newborn comes sleep deprivation like you've never experienced. When you think to yourself, "I JUST fed you 10 minutes ago!" the Dry Erase Newborn Feeding Tracker can set you straight.

***This is a printable version. No physical items will be sent.***

How does it work?

Not only are you writing the last feeding and side, you’re tracking YOUR needs, mama! Being a new mom is super challenging, and ensuring that you’re supported will make life that much easier...for everyone!

Once you purchase, your order confirmation will have a link to download your file.

Print the insert and explanation card at home, or place on a jump drive and print at your local print shop.

Once you purchase a pdf, you're welcome to print it as many times as you need!

Place in a 5”x7” frame of your choosing, and include a dry erase marker! Attach the explanation card to help your new mama get off to the right start.

Whenever baby wakes, write your feed start time (or end time, if that’s how you track), and which side you started on. You can also use the space to mark ounces consumed, if bottle-fed.

If you’re feeling particularly exhausted and leaky, please ask your partner for help by checking a box in the bottom section.

Design features:

  • Large space for tracking the last feeding makes it easy to read in a dimly-lit room.
  • Note which side you fed last (or mark ounces if bottle-fed).
  • Communicate with your partner exactly what you need (a confidence boost, a latte, a break, a shower).


What other customers are saying:

"Second time ordering and can't wait to order again soon...A unique gift that is thoughtful, inspirational and supportive." ~Erika Z.


"So pretty, my sister is going to love it!" ~Gladys J.


"Darling. Fast service. Exactly what I was looking for! Thanks so much!" ~Vicki R.


"so cute! can't wait to use this!" ~jschilPhoto


"So adorable! I had one sent to my (very pregnant) sister and she loves it! :) Thank you so much!!!" ~Skyler S.


Make this the ultimate gift! Grab the Trio for only $10 here.

Purchase the package: Newborn Feeding Tracker, Sleep Tracker, and Chore Request Chart and make this a handy gift for mom for years to come.

As baby grows, simply remove the back and replace the newborn tracker with one of the included inserts: track sleep and mom's mood, or ask your partner for help with chores/tell them how great they are! Continue to use your tracker to facilitate communication in your family, and to maintain your sanity.



  • If I print at home, how does this become dry erase?
Once you print and trim, place in a picture frame with a glass front (not acrylic). You’ll be able to write and erase for years to come!
  • Can these be customized?
Unfortunately, no. Purchases are as-is. You do have space to make each tracker your own by asking for exactly what you need.
  • Can I get a refund?
Sorry, all digital downloads are nonrefundable. If you accidentally purchased the wrong color, please email me at to remedy. I usually respond within 2 business days.
  • Can you do a different color scheme to match my nursery?
I have 3 colors to accommodate most decor schemes. New colors may be coming, but I can’t take custom orders at this time.
  • Why don’t you sell these fully assembled and packaged?
I used to! However, the cost of shipping a fragile item (glass picture frame) became too cost-ineffective to sustain. However, you are now able to choose your own frame, which many of my customers have asked for in the past!
  • Why isn’t it printing right?
Make sure you’re printing at “100% size” or “Actual size” and not “Fit to paper.” Use the best quality for the nicest-looking print.
  • The colors look weird, not at all like my screen.
Unfortunately, every screen and printer have different calibration. Please consult your computer/printer manuals for troubleshooting.
  • Can I put this in a bigger frame?
Sure! Then you’d want to print at 140% size to fit an 8x10 frame (use your printer's settings to adjust).
In research, I found that the 5x7 size is great for a nightstand that tends to get cluttered with water bottles, late night snacks, alarm clock, nursing pads, and medications. If you have space for a larger frame, go for it!
  • My husband wants a spreadsheet for diapers and feeds to share with our pediatrician. Why would I get this?
Glad you asked! I started with the spreadsheet too! But I found that trying to read it in a dimly-lit room (and decipher my husband’s handwriting) was so frustrating at 3 am. The benefit of the Dry Erase Newborn Feeding Tracker is that you can write BIG, and you get vital information to YOU. But it doesn’t need to be exclusive. You can use a spreadsheet too!
  • I’m exclusively bottle-feeding. Is this only for breastfeeding moms?
Not at all! There’s space to note ounces under the time. Knowing how much was fed last will help know if it’s been long enough!

Most of all, congratulations on your new bundle! If you’d like to share your late-night feeding shenanigans, please share on social media with the hashtag #victoryismoms